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BB_city_logo smBennett Bay was conceived from bitterly cold, dark winters and nostalgia. In the midst of bleak Minnesota winters, I desperately wanted to go to the warm, happy place of my youth. A place that was always warm and sunny. A place where there was always a faithful dog by your side. A place where you could get naked, go swimming and “mess around” with your buddies. I wanted the Florida of my youth. I wanted the old Florida I heard about in stories from my grandparents and great uncles and aunts. A Florida that was a bit more southern than it is today. A Florida that was a little bit cracker, a little Spanish, a little colonial, a little bit funky beach community, and a little bit back-country swamp. I needed a place that was all of Florida condensed down into one thick broth of good, old-fashioned southern drama. And so I began writing.

One of the hallmarks of southern writing is setting as character. The thread that ties these very different stories together is the setting of Bennett Bay and Big Cypress County. Hurricanes, rising water and life next to the bay impact the lives of these characters, it shapes them. I invite you to grab a glass of iced, sweet tea, kick back in your favorite chair, and enjoy this little trip to Bennett Bay. Hopefully you will laugh a bit, but be warned, you may catch a fright or shed a tear or two along the way. Beware, there are ghosts out there and the spirits in the swamp can be restless. Oh, and don’t forget to pick-up a t-shirt while you’re here.

I will be adding more to this site as my writing schedule allows. The aim is to include the “historical” backstory and more information about the fictional businesses and organizations found in the greater Bennett Bay region of Florida.


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Stephen del Mar

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  1. I’m really enjoying the Bennett Bay books and am just starting the Live Oak books. The maps are a great help when reading, thanks for sharing them!

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