Avalon Rising: The Terran Threat

This is a Science Fiction series I really want to get back to. I started it a number of years ago but got lost in the swamp writing my Bennett Bay Stories. I have about 30K words in on the first draft of the first book.

The Basic Premise

Avalon is one of the seven Terran colony worlds. Back in the day, things got really bad on Earth, as happens in Sci-Fi stories. The evil corporate overlords and the evil corporations they over lorded consumed everything on the planet—the natural resources and, finally, the people as well.

The only free humans were those holding on in the colonies in the outer solar system. The distance and difficulty of space travel afforded them a brief spell of autonomy and independence, but they knew that couldn’t last. In an attempt to save themselves, each of the seven major colonies poured their resources into vast sleeper ships, watched over by an advanced AI, and headed out to the stars. The vast distances of interstellar space were the only way to guard their decedents from the Terran Threat, or so they hoped.

The Europa Colony’s exodus ship was christened the Avalon and operated by the level seven AI, Merlin. (The project’s director had a thing for Arthurian mythology.) After hundreds of years at near-lightspeed, the ship arrived at a star system with twin Earth-type planets. Delta was mostly a water planet and Epsilon more arid with shallow seas, but very rich in mineral resources.

Merlin woke the colonist up and they started building communities on the twin worlds of the Avalon system (they named the system after the ship). And everything was rainbows, bunnies, and unicorns for about 17 generations, until a robot ship arrived proclaiming peace from Terra. The mother world now had the technology to reconnect the lost children of humanity. The ship could build a portal that would allow nearly instantaneous transport back to Earth, if they would only allow it.

You guessed it. The idiots said yes. The Terran threat was a thing of the past, a myth really. Could things have really been that bad? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be connected with the rest of humanity again? They didn’t know, the Terrans lost their humanity ages ago.


I have the idea for three books sketched out:

  • The Terran Threat: War, tells of the fall of Avalon as hostilities break out.
  • The Terran Threat: Resistance, is about the guerilla fighting on Epsilon, the planet held by the Terrans.
  • The Terran Threat: Final Solution, tells of the decision to ultimately end the threat.


That’s the series as it rest in my mind. I want to get back to this, but I feel I need to wrap up some of my other books I have in the works first. Let me know if you have any comments.



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