Bollywood video for UN’s Free & Equal

 Fun little video from the UN’s Free & Equal program. Cute men and a Bollywood tune, what’s not to like?

On a more serious note, on a gloomy gray day with the news of yet more war in the mid-east and continuing political BS in our own country, this few moments of music and color uplifted this old bear’s heart. The frigging UN produced a music video in the Bollywood stye about two men loving each other! I’m trying to get my old man brain around that. When I was a kid it was the love no one dared mention. Now there are slick videos about welcoming your son’s boyfriend home. Damn it seems there are rainbows out there.

Great Review for “Slay me,” said the dragon

"Slay me, said the dragon" cover image

Slay can take on a few different meanings and the way it was used in this story was both surprising and appreciatively grasped. I want more, this is the first dragon shifter book that I have read and the story left me wanting more.
–Scott Burkett, GRR-Review

 “Slay me,” said the dragon gets a great review over on GRR-Review in their Sunday Shorts section. Click here to read it.