“Dark Love” Book One in the Live Oak Tales on Sale! Only .99

“Dark Love” Book One in the Live Oak Tales on Sale! Only .99

Dark Love” the wacky and yet strangely moving paranormal contemporary fantasy novel is on sale for the next four days. Only 99 cents! This is book one in the Live Oak Tales. The next two books, “The Bear, the Witch and the Web” and “Hunter Moon and the Red Wolf,” will be out in early summer. 

Pick up this story of witches, faeries and other amazing creatures now! 

Of Paradise & Purgatory 02:01

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Victor pulled back the heavy draperies covering the French doors leading out to the bedroom’s iron balcony. Cassa de Lopez sat right on the town plaza and the upstairs room looked out over the plaza to the old church, government building, and the corner of the presidio. Hidden floodlights made the church a luminous thing against the dark of the western sky. The Iglesia de la Cruz de Plata and the school of the Sacred Heart had defined so much of his young life.

He’d woken up at 5:00 and couldn’t go back to sleep. Eventually, he tired of looking at the ceiling and crept down the hall to shower. Now he was even wider awake and didn’t know what to do with himself. He let the drapes fall back, went to the desk and pulled his laptop out. Being a travel writer and owner of a top rated travel blog meant he could work anywhere. He also learned it meant he tended to work wherever he went. Sometimes it was an escape or an excuse and sometimes a burden. Continue reading

Of Paradise & Purgatory 01:04

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PP_cover_01a web smallVictor stuck his hands in his pockets as he walked away from the dancing pools of torch light. He’d forgotten the chill of the desert at night, especially in the mountains. Mid-October back in Florida was still high-summer. He stopped and looked up at the sky. The Milky Way arched over him, the stars bright and clear. He pulled his hand out and reached up to the sky.

“Trying to pull down a star?”

He smiled at Anna, a dark silhouette against the chapel and torch light. “I forgot how clear the night sky is here. Back home, the humidity really dulls the night sky. And of course, I live in town, so there’s the light too.”

She came up next to him and wrapped her arm around his again. He liked the warmth. “Thank you for giving me a moment alone.” Continue reading